Bradley | Maths/Physics Teacher

The slides makes teaching easier as it breaks down topics into small steps. This increases students’ engagement, thus their effectiveness when it comes to learning and revising from them. I would recommend it to everyone!

Medicine Student (Cambridge)

As a former ExamQA member, my experience with the slides has been outstanding. The quality of the diagrams make the slides easy on the eyes for both students who are learning new concepts or just revising old ones. An excellent flow of the concepts using minimal text creates an integrated and interactive learning environment for both beginner and advanced students alike.

Usman (Oxford / Teacher)

Using ExamQA+ has helped to organise my classes. The systematic progression from slides to notes and worksheets makes it easy to follow. Furthermore, the self-marking tests allow me to quickly examine my students understanding

Roxana (Biology PhD Researcher / Teacher)

The slides illustrate in a very fun way hard scientific concepts to explain by using words. At the same time, the worksheets help children practise and think more in depth about the information acquired both in class and tuition. Combining these methods of teaching helps reinforce their knowledge and practise for future exams.

Jan (Teacher)

The slides have made teaching very enjoyable as my students are always engaged. Being able to quickly go back and forth makes it easy to help students who may have lost concentration during the lesson

Mani (Chemistry Teacher)

Teaching with the ExamQA slides has evolved the way my students learn. The slides themselves focus on each individual aspect of the specification, because of this I can over the exact area my students are struggling on. I will highly recommend this to all teachers.