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If degree apprenticeships are so great, why isn't everyone doing them?

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You get a full degree at the end, good pay, work experience, uni experience so why doesn't everyone do them? What are the downsides that I am not seeing? Am I just stupid and can't see the cons or something? The only thing I can think of is the workload being a lot more, but that's it.

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You're right, with a degree apprenticeship you:

- Get a degree
- No debt
- Practical experience
- Get paid

However, they are very limited in number and the application process isn't easy. Its not like a normal degree where you just write a personal statement, get good grades and apply alongside thousands of other applicants that get accepted

 So for example, Loreal might have 1-10 positions for their degree apprenticeship. And when you apply, you have to go through an actual interview and etc. 

Basically, its more competitive to get into and there are less available

And you can't do apprenticeships in particular fields like medicine and dentistry


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I heard pay is really bad for apprentices too

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True and not true

School leaver apprentices get below minimum wage 

However if you're a degree apprentice, you get decent wages

And you shouldn't really complain too much if you're an apprentice and you get bad pay - they are essentially training you and paying you at the same time which is quite significant.



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