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Should I be rounding to 3sf in the middle of my calculations? (AQA A-Level Chem)

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I've always been told to stay away from rounding in the middle of calculations to avoid affecting the accuracy of the final answer. But I'm not sure if this is practical, because I'd always end up writing a long string of decimals for each line of my working - which can sometimes be easily susceptible to mistakes, and just time-consuming overall. Is it best to just round the answer in the middle of working since most mark schemes do this anyways? Or is there a way I can show the examiner I'm using an exact value without having to write the entire value?

What is best practice?



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If you want to show an exact value without writing a string of decimals then you can write the values as fractions. Then when it comes to writing your final answer you can convert the final fraction to a 3sf number 



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