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FAQ? Part 1. Diploma ordering

Diploma Mills: Close Enough For Government Work 

It is normal to hesitate before ordering a thesis, term paper or essay. Especially when you do it for the first time. I want to make sure that you get exactly what you expect and that the teacher is guaranteed to like it. Today we, the specialists of the essay assistant, will answer the most common customer questions.

We give answers to the most popular questions

  1. Are you making edits to the work done by your firm? Of course, the authors make edits to the approved assignment and plan. Moreover, it does not cost students a dime! If we talk about changing the already finished work, then this will be done. Probably, every student at least once faced a situation when a teacher refuses to accept a term paper or thesis, returning it over and over again for adjustments. It does not matter if this is due to the tediousness of the supervisor, his unreasonable antipathy to the student, or there are really mistakes in the work, the situation is still extremely unpleasant. It is especially difficult to make edits on the design, because standards and manuals are a very confusing thing, therefore it takes a lot of time to arrange everything perfectly from beginning to end. Do not waste your nerve cells on improvements, they will still be useful to you in the future, but rather write to us! Authors who are familiar with the standards of leading universities and the norms for submitting material in scientific papers will do an excellent job of making edits.
  2. Will you do it on time? This question worries every client. And this is understandable, because the day before the delivery of the work is very exciting, and besides, you need to devote time to preparing for the defense. Therefore, I want to have a ready-made text on hand in advance. We are well aware of this student state, when deadlines are burning and nerves fail. In the company, the authors very rarely allow delays; on the contrary, the project will most likely be closed a little earlier than the agreed date. If, nevertheless, such a nuisance as a small delay threatens to become a reality, then the company offers students a discount as compensation. Of course, it is best to order in advance. So the price will be lower, because the project is not considered urgent, and it will be completed long before the day the work is handed over to the teacher. But the authors will cope well with urgent projects and will deliver them on time. The student can only have time to read the text in order to be able to answer the questions of the supervisor. In any case, you can read reviews from users both on our website and on free review sites and make sure that your work will be done with high quality.
  3. What if I don't have a plan? The lack of a plan is not a major problem for the performer. The company will draw up the most suitable plan for the full disclosure of the topic so that the student can approve it with the supervisor. Moreover, it will be done absolutely free of charge, without the need for registration or subscription. A well-written plan is the blueprint for future work. Therefore, the author approaches this small task responsibly. So it is very important that the titles of chapters and paragraphs correspond to the topic of the work, otherwise the goal of the entire study will not be achieved. When determining the content, the availability of this or that information is also taken into account, since it is impossible to change the plan approved at the department. With an incorrectly drawn up plan, there is a great risk of facing a situation where the information to write a paragraph is simply not available in the public domain, either in the native or in a foreign language, and the material on paid resources is too expensive for the student. With a plan drawn up by an experienced writer, such problems are guaranteed never to arise.

Of course, you should understand that if you are hung with debt like a Christmas tree, then your term paper will be worth little in the eyes of teachers. Therefore, before submitting your term paper, close all your debts. If you cannot solve something, for example, debts for programming in pyton, we can do it for you

We hope this quick FAQ has helped you sort out your questions about buying your thesis!



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