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List of top 5 ESA pets for my house – 2023

If a person is suffering from different symptoms of a mental disorder, many therapists and counsellors recommend them to have an emotional support animal with them. ESAs can provide both support and love to people who are mentally and emotionally unstable. They provide companionship to people in order to eliminate the feelings of depression and loneliness. Emotional support animals are kept in the home just for therapeutic purposes. They help in the improvement of both the physical and mental health of people. It is not possible for you to keep an ESA at home if you do not have an emotional support animal letter.

In order to get an ESA letter, people need to visit licensed therapists or counsellors. They deeply examine the mental health of the people and provide an ESA Letter according to their condition. If people are not comfortable visiting new mental health doctors, they can also get an ESA letter from their family doctors or primary care physicians. After getting an ESA letter, people can easily stay and travel with their emotional support animals and can spend a quality life.

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After getting an ESA letter, the most important concern is to select an appropriate pet to keep as an ESA. People can get an idea about ESA from their therapists as well if they find it difficult to select for themselves. Always go for such animals which can match your vibe. If you select such an animal that is quite opposite to your personality, it will become difficult for you to live with him. It will further deteriorate your mental and emotional health. Here is the list of five pets which are considered more suitable to be kept as emotional support animals.


All breeds of dogs are considered as effective to be kept as an ESA in the home. It is very easy for the dogs to develop an effective connection with their owners. The communication and understanding of dogs are considered to be more efficient and appropriate as compared to all other animals. They are the most loyal animals and owners can easily trust their dogs in all matters. Dogs not only provide needed support to the owners but are also involved in appreciating little things and moments in life.


After dogs, cats are considered the most reliable pets which can be kept as an ESA. Cats help people in different activities and provide assistance to people suffering from a mental disability. Cats are more loving creatures who love their owners in all conditions without demanding any reward. Once you get a cat, you can train him according to your own requirements and conditions. It is not even difficult to train a cat to provide you relief during stressful conditions. It is not difficult to get an realesaletter for cats and dogs which have increased their importance.


Rabbits are very calmed and soft creatures with a fuzzy appearance. Rabbits are quite calm and shy animals and are well suited to be kept in the apartment because they do not create any sort of disturbance for the owner. Quiet nature of rabbits will not even create any disturbance for the neighbours. You can easily develop a bond with bunnies due to their loving nature. If you have a small apartment, rabbits are the best choice for you because they do not take too much space. They do not even demand a walk like dogs and can stay home without any problem.


It has been proved from research that birds are creatures that can easily replicate human speech. Due to the intelligence of birds, they are considered the best emotional support animal. Most importantly parrots, it is very easy to teach them your language. Once parrots learn your language, they can easily become your communication partner. 

Birds will use all those words in the communication which you have taught them. Another reason due to which birds are considered suitable emotional support animals is that they can be kept in litter boxes or cages. You do not need to take them out for a walk just like other big animals. It is convenient to take care of birds as compared to cats or dogs.


Hamsters are considered as little balls which can be proved as a good companion for people who are suffering from a mental disorder. They really possess a calm personality and can provide a soothing effect to emotionally and mentally ill people. In order to provide mental relief, they just curl up in the lap of their owner. There are different reasons which can be considered while keeping hamsters as ESA. 

They are independent and inexpensive as compared to other animals. They can be kept in small apartments because they occupy very little space. Even the breed of hamsters is very inexpensive and you can feed them with simple ingredients like proteins, seeds and grains. If you are a student and looking for an inexpensive animal to keep as ESA, the is the best choice for you.

These are the five most common and appropriate pets which can be kept as an ESA at home. You can even easily travel with them by flight if you have your emotional support animal letter with you. These animals can help you in stressful situations of your life but it all depends whether they are trained well or not.

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