AQA GCSE Official Physics Videos

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Electricity Equations
IV Graphs
LDR. Thermistors and Sensing Circuits
Momentum (Collision: Bowling Balls)
Momentum (Collision: Wrecking Balls)
Momentum (Explosion: Canon)
Momentum (Explosion: Gun)
Electromagnetism: Introduction
Example Questions:
Example Question #1
Example Question #2

Permanent and Induced Magnets
Speed of Sound
Speed of Water
Example Questions:
Example Question #1

Cost of Electricity
Fleming's Right-Hand-Rule & Electromagnets
Motor Effect & Fleming's Left-Hand-Rule
Example Questions:
Example Question #1

Circuit Calculations
Half Life
Circuit Basics
Series and Parallel Circuits
Forces: Example Questions
Example Question #1
Example Question #2
Example Question #3

AQA GCSE Physics Revision Videos

Topic 1 - Energy
Energy Stores , Kinetic and Potential Energies
Conduction, Convection and Efficiency
Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Sources
Topic 2 - Electricity
Effect of Length of Wire on Resistance (Practical)
IV Characteristics Graphs (Practical)
Sensing Circuits, LDR and Thermistors
Series and Parallel Circuits
Topic 3 - Particle Model of Matter
Measuring Density and Eureka Can
Internal Energy and Gas pressure (basics)
Topic 4 - Atomic Structure
Radioactive Decay and Nuclear Half Equations
Half Life and Background Radiation
Topic 5 - Forces
Types of Forces, Mass and Weight
Newtons First Law and Force Diagrams
Springs and Spring Constant (Practical)
Equations in Forces, Velocity and Distance Time Graphs
Terminal Velocity
Inertia and Newtons 3rd Law
Measuring Reaction Times (Practical)
Momentum (Collisions and Explosions)
Topic 6 - Waves
Electromagnetic Waves (EM waves): Uses and Risks
Topic 7 Magnetism and Electromagnetism
Permanent and Temporary magnets and practicals
Electromagnetism, Fleming's Right Hand Rule and Solenoids
Motor Effect and Fleming's Left Hand Rule
DC Electric Motor