AQA GCSE Biology (9-1) Worksheets


AQA GCSE Biology Topic 1 – Cell Biology

Sub-topics Include:
Cells | Microscopy | Cell Differentiation and Specialisation | Chromosomes and Mitosis | Binary Fission | Culturing Microorganisms | Stem Cells | Diffusion | Osmosis | Active Transport | Exchange Surfaces | Exchanging Substances

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AQA GCSE Biology Topic 2 – Organisation

Sub-topics Include:
Cell Organisation | Enzymes | Investigating Enzymatic Reactions | Enzymes and Digestion | More on Enzymes and Digestion | Food Tests | The Lungs | Circulatory System – The Heart – Blood – Blood Vessels | Cardiovascular Disease | Health and Disease | Risk Factors for Non-Communicable Diseases | Cancer | Plant Cell Organisation

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AQA GCSE Biology Topic 3 – Infection and Response

Sub-topics Include:
Communicable Disease | Viral, Fungal and Protist Disease | Bacterial Diseases and Preventing Disease | Fighting Disease – Vaccination – Drugs | Developing Drugs | Monoclonal Antibodies | Plant Diseases and Defences

AQA GCSE Biology Topic 4 – Biogenetics

Sub-topics Include:
Photosynthesis and Limiting Factors | The Rate of Photosynthesis | Respiration and Metabolism | Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration | Exercise

AQA GCSE Biology Topic 5 – Homeostasis and Response

Sub-topics Include:
Homeostasis | The Nervous System | Synapses and Reflexes | Investigating Reaction Time | The Brain | The Eye | Correcting Vision Defects | Controlling Body Temperature | The Endocrine System | Controlling Blood Glucose | The Kidneys | Kidney Failure | Puberty and the Menstrual Cycle | Controlling Fertility | Adrenaline and Thyroxine | Plant Hormones | Commercial Uses of Plant Hormones

AQA GCSE Biology Topic 6 – Inheritance, Variation and Evolution

Sub-topics Include:
DNA | The Structure of DNA and Protein Synthesis | Mutations | Reproductions | Meiosis | X and Y Chromosomes | Genetic Diagrams | Inherited Disorders | The Work of Mendel | Variation | Evolution | Selective Breeding | Genetic Engineering | Cloning | Fossils | Speciation | Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria | Classification


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AQA GCSE Biology Topic 7 – Adaptations and Ecology

NOTICE: These worksheets have been fixed as of 13/12/2020. Prior to this update, worksheets had the wrong links.

Sub-topics Include:
Competition | Abiotic and Biotic Factors | Adaptations | Food Chains | Using Quadrats | Using Transects | Environmental Change and The Water Cycle | The Carbon Cycle | Decay | Investing Decay | Biodiversity and Waste Management | Global Warming | Deforestation and Land Use | Maintaining Ecosystems and Biodiversity | Trophic Levels | Pyramids of Biomass | Biomass Transfer | Food Security and Farming | Biotechnology

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