AQA GCSE Chemistry (9-1) Worksheets


AQA GCSE Chemistry Topic 1 – Atomic Structure

Sub-topics Include:
Atoms | Elements | Compounds | Chemical Equations | Mixtures and Chromatography | Separation Techniques | Distillation | The History of The atom | Electronic Structure | Development of the Periodic Table | The Modern Periodic Table | Metals and Non-Metals | Group 1 Elements | Group 7 Elements | Group 0 Elements


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AQA GCSE Chemistry Topic 2 – Bonding and Structure

Sub-topics Include:
Formation of Ions | Ionic Bonding | Ionic Compounds | Covalent Bonding | Simple Molecular Substances | Polymers and Giant Covalent Structures | Allotropes of Carbon | Metallic Bonding | States of Matter | Changing State | Nanoparticles | Uses of Nanoparticles

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AQA GCSE Chemistry Topic 3 – Quantitative Chemistry

Sub-topics Include:
Relative Formula Mass | The Mole | Conservation of Mass | The Mole of Equations | Limiting Reactants | Gases and Solutions | Concentration Calculations | Atom Economy | Percentage Yield

AQA GCSE Chemistry Topic 4 – Chemical Changes

Sub-topics Include:
Acids and Bases | Titrations | Strong Acids and Weak Acids | Reaction of Acids | The Reactivity Series | Separating Metals from Metal Oxides | Redox Reactions | Electrolysis | Electrolysis of Aqueous Solutions

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AQA GCSE Chemistry Topic 5 – Energy Changes

Sub-topics Include:
Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions | Bond Energies | Cells and Batteries | Fuel Cells

AQA GCSE Chemistry Topic 6 – Rate of Reaction

Sub-topics Include:
Rates of Reaction | Factors Affecting Rates of Reaction | Measuring Rates of Reaction | Two Rates Experiments | Finding Reactions Rates from Graphs | Reversible Reactions | Le Chatelier’s Principle


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AQA GCSE Chemistry Topic 7 – Organic Chemistry

Sub-topics Include:
Hydrocarbons | Fractional Distillation | Uses and Cracking of Crude Oil | Alkenes | Reactions of Alkenes | Addition Polymers | Alcohols | Carboxylic Acids | Condensation Polymers | Naturally Occurring Polymers

AQA GCSE Chemistry Topic 8 – Chemical Analysis

Sub-topics Include:
Purity and Formulations | Paper Chromatography | Tests of Gases and Anions | Tests of Cations | Flame Emission Spectroscopy

AQA GCSE Chemistry Topic 9 – Chemistry of Atmosphere

Sub-topics Include:
The Evolution of the Atmosphere | Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change | Carbon Footprints | Air Pollution

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AQA GCSE Chemistry Topic 10 – Using Resources

Sub-topics Include:
Ceramics, Composites and Polymers | Properties of Materials | Corrosion | Finite and Renewable Resources | Reuse and Recycling | Life Cycle Assessments | Portable Water | Waste Water Treatment | The Haber Process | NPK Fertilisers

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