AQA GCSE Physics (9-1) Worksheets


AQA GCSE Physics Topic 1 – Energy

Sub-topics Include:
Energy Stores and Systems | Kinetic and Potential Energy Stores | Specific Heat Capacity | Conservation of Energy and Power | Conduction and Convection | Reducing Unwanted Energy Transfers | Efficiency | Energy Resources and their Uses | Wind, Solar and Geothermal | Hydro-electricity, Waves and Tides | Bio-fuels and Non-Renewables | Trends in Energy Resource Use


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AQA GCSE Physics Topic 2 – Electricity

Sub-topics Include:
Current and Circuit Symbols | Resistance and V=IR | Resistance and I-V Characteristics | Circuit Devices | Series Circuits | Parallel Circuits | Investigating Resistance | Electricity in the Home | Power of Electrical Appliances | More on Power | The National Grid | Static Electricity | Electric Fields

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AQA GCSE Physics Topic 3 – Particle Model of Matter

Sub-topics Include:
Density of Materials | Internal Energy and Changes of State | Specific Latent Heat | Particle Motion in Gases

AQA GCSE Physics Topic 4 – Atomic Structure

Sub-topics Include:
Developing the Model of the Atom | Isotopes and Nuclear Radiation | Nuclear Equations | Half-life | Background Radiation and Contamination | Uses and Risk | Fission and Fusion

AQA GCSE Physics Topic 5 – Forces

Sub-topics Include:
Contact and Non-Contact Forces | Weight, Mass and Gravity | Resultant Forces and Work Done | Calculating Forces | Forces and Elasticity | Investigating Springs | Moments | Fluid Pressure | Upthrust and Atmospheric Pressure | Distance, Displacement, Speed and Velocity | Acceleration | Distance-Time and Velocity-Time Graphs | Terminal Velocity | Newton’s First and Second Laws | Inertia and Newton’s Third Law | Investigating Motion | Stopping Distances | Reaction Times | More on Stopping Distances | Momentum | Changes in Momentum

AQA GCSE Physics Topic 6 – Waves

Sub-topics Include:
Transverse and Longitudinal Waves | Experiments with Waves | Reflection | Electromagnetic Waves and Refraction | Investigating Light | Radio Waves | EM Waves and Their Uses | More Uses of EM Waves | Dangers of Electromagnetic Waves | Lenses | Images and Ray Diagrams | Concave Lenses and Magnification | Visible Light | Infrared Radiation and Temperature | Black Body Radiation | Sound Waves | Ultrasound | Exploring Structures Using Waves


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AQA GCSE Physics Topic 7 – Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Sub-topics Include:
Permanent and Induced Magnets | Electromagnetism | The Motor Effect | Electric Motors and Loudspeakers | The Generator Effect | Generators and Microphones | Transformers

AQA GCSE Physics Topic 8 – Space Physics

Sub-topics Include:
The Life Cycle of Stars | The Solar System and Orbits | Red-shift and the Big Bang

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If you’re confused with any question on our AQA GCSE Physics Worksheets, please make a thread about it on the forum and someone will answer your question!

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