Should I Start A Meme Page?

Do you constantly send memes (or “me-mes”) to other people? Are you someone who loves making other people laugh? Do you fancy making a meme page because you think you have a good sense of humour?

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If you answered yes to any of these questions, then grab some popcorn and continue reading!

How To Start A Meme Page?

Humour is one of the best medicines. When you go on your meme quest, remember just how much good you are doing for the world. So how to start a meme page?

Firstly, you should have a desire to create memes and have a creative and comedic outlet. If you are not into memes (seriously?), then this is probably not for you. Decide what social platforms you want to use. We would recommend Instagram or Facebook – the very least, Instagram. 

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Create a name and a picture icon for your meme page. Do not spend too much time on this as both of these can be changed easily later on. However, once you have established yourself in the meme world, it would be best if you keep your meme name.

Decide if you want to create a general meme page or something more niche e.g. TV shows. If you are after a niche meme page then make sure that you define this somewhere on your page. Once you get these initial steps out of the way, aim to create and upload memes every day with the intention of getting better. Let out your inner comic! Be creative and original! 

Top Tips For A Successful Meme Page

Making Your Account Private

This might not make much sense at first. Why would you make your meme page private if you are trying to grow and get more followers?

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This is because if you make your meme page private and people send your memes to their friends, their friends will be forced to request to follow your page in order to see the meme.

However, if you don’t want to make your meme page private, have a look at our tip number 2 below.

Use Hashtags If You Have A Public Instagram Account

Use hashtags if you are not a private page. Using a lot of hashtags can make your page more findable through people that look up that certain hashtag.

Some meme pages use a lot of hashtags in their captions in order to reach more people. You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags in an Instagram caption. 

A pacifist frog meme

However, you can only use this technique if you want to grow your page publicly. If you have a private page, your page will not pop up regardless of how many hashtags you use.

Meme Group Chats

Make a group chat with your friends where you send each other memes that you find funny. From there, you can hand pick whichever ones you find the funniest and want to post. 

Make Your Own Memes

This one might be pretty self-explanatory. Try to make your own memes because of course, no one else will have them. People are going to want to see your memes on your page. 

Bear in mind, sometimes (despite having thousands of followers) you might not get as many likes on your memes. A lot of instagram accounts that follow you might be inactive. Many other instagram accounts just don’t like photos. Do not let the number of likes deter you and continue posting your original content.

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Try to make your own memes using meme maker apps on the Play Store or App Store. You could also make mashups of memes using a video software on your computer. Download an Instagram photo editor app so you can make all your memes perfect for Instagram.

A point worth noting is to add your own watermark to the memes that you make. This is because if other pages steal your memes, the people who see them know the original owner and it will lead them to your meme page.

Downloading Instagram Videos/Images

There are apps on Instagram such as Instagram Saver. These apps allow you to save memes (videos and images) from Instagram accounts, both public and private.

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The app Instagram Plus Plus is also a good way to repost memes directly from other memes pages.

Buying/Selling Shoutouts

There are both positives and negatives to this one. Allow me to explain. You already know the advantage of doing this – you get more followers. However, when you do buy shoutouts, try not to get scammed. This isn’t to say that you will get scammed. Regardless, the possibility is there and it is better to be safe than sorry.

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When buying shoutouts, make sure that it is a trusted meme page and you are not buying an overpriced shoutout. 

Have A Backup Account

It is better to have a backup meme account just in case your main meme page gets taken down. Include the name of your backup meme account on your main account in the bio. This lets your followers know where to find you in case you get taken down.

Interact With Your Followers

Try to interact with your followers. A lot of the meme pages just post their memes and that’s it. However, we recommend that you interact with your followers. 

Social Media platforms listed

Be Patient

Let’s face the truth. You will not attain thousands of followers in a day, a week or probably even a month. This is a process that takes several months to a year.

Have ‘Memes’ In Your Username

Having the word meme somewhere in your username will allow people to know that your page is actually a meme page. And while we are on the topic of usernames, try to have a unique username as it will attract more people.

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Remember, originality is key!

Look For Memes On Other Social Media

You can form a lot of memes on social media like Reddit and Tumblr. Save these memes and use them for your meme page on Instagram.

Befriend Other Meme Pages

Reach out to other meme pages and befriend them. Try to do collaborations with them. Doing this will increase your chances of reaching a greater audience.

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How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm

We wouldn’t recommend spending money on automating your account or buying likes and followers. Once you do start financially investing in your account, you will have to continue doing this for a while. 

And once you do stop, it will become obvious that your previous success was fake and something that you merely purchased. You might notice a sharp decrease in the number of followers you gain once you stop investing due to either financial reasons or simply, getting bored of it.

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Moreover, you want to be interacting with real people who genuinely like your content instead of getting numerous follows from ghost accounts. So here are some top tips that will allow you to beat that Instagram Algorithm and help to grow your meme page organically. 

Change Your Username For SEO Purposes

SEO means search engine optimization. As mentioned above, use the word “Memes” somewhere in your name and this will increase the chances of your account popping up whenever someone searches for memes or a meme page on Instagram.

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So make sure that you are making full use of that bio section because it will help you rank higher in Instagram search.

Mix Up Your Hashtag Sizes

As we previously mentioned, use hashtags in your meme posts. However, a lot of meme pages use very big, generic hashtags like #memes or #memepage. The problem with using these hashtags is that they are massive. 

By the time you post your meme, you are going to disappear from the hashtag explore page in about 5 seconds. This is because literally every other meme page will also be using the same hashtags. 

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In order to overcome this, try to find the small to medium hashtags that exist in your particular niche of meme pages. These hashtags constitute about 80% of the total hashtags that you use in your posts.

A lot more communities exist within these relatively small hashtags and they will be more likely to search up your page. This technique will also allow your chances of staying on that hashtag explore page for a longer time.

Rotate Between Hashtags

Don’t use the same hashtags on your meme page again and again. If you do this, Instagram will think that you are spam and actually decrease your reach. You will be less likely to show up on the feed of your followers.

Be careful when you are using hashtags and make a conscious effort and rotate them everytime. 

Community Engagement

You might find this part tedious or exhausting. Nevertheless, if you want to grow your meme page organically, you need to put that energy back and engage with people. 

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If you engage with other people and they engage with you in return, that shows Instagram that people want to see your posts. This will boost the chances of your memes showing up on their feed.

In Conclusion

We hope that you found out tips on starting your own meme page helpful. If you do start one, let us know about it and share your favourite memes with us in the discussion!

Funny meme related note

It might be frustrating at the start as gaining followers takes time, but we hope that your main reason for wanting to do this is to make other people laugh! Remember, patience is key. 

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